An Update

16 September 2020

Hello! Tanya has been back in the studio for three months now and she is still beavering away on delayed orders received pre-lockdown. We have two more batches to work though before we reach post lockdown orders - hooray! 

With the return of school comes the worry of Bertie-related absences. Germs are rife in schools and the mere hint of a fever sends Tanya and Bertie straight to RUH. We still aim to complete batches within 1-2 weeks and if you'd like an update on where you are in the production queue, just drop us an email or send us a message on Facebook. Obviously delays can be increased in the event of a Bertie-related absence but unfortunately this is the difficult reality of having a child with leukaemia.


We continue to open for a limited number of orders every week, which helps us ensure we can maintain a stable turnaround. At the moment this is sitting at 12-14 weeks on new orders. We open each Sunday at 9am and close if/when we reach capacity for the week. This system is working really well and we don't anticipate changing it.

Thanks as always for supporting Milk Diamonds and a special thank you to those who have waited a lot longer than expected.