Sending your inclusions

All inclusions, including breastmilk, can be sent to

Milk Diamonds Ltd
63 Keyford
BA11 1JT

Please only send inclusions once you have placed your order. Please include a note with any additional information you did not supply during the checkout process. Ensure your name, contact details and order number are included in the parcel.



Breastmilk should be double bagged in proper breastmilk bags and contain approx 30ml (1oz). We can work with less, if this is an issue, but please discuss this with us before sending. To minimise the risk of leaking in transit, please do not send more than 30ml. If it has been previously frozen, defrost it and then transfer it to a fresh bag. Please don't write on the bag as this may change the colour of the milk inside! Once it arrives safely, we will mark it with your order number. Seal these bags really well, and pop in a padded envelope. Do not use regular or stiff envelopes as they do not offer the same protection as a padded envelope. Milk can be sent first class, or recorded if it's an irreplaceable sample. Milk is surprisingly resilient and will last a very long time at room temperature. 


Hair in an envelope, inside another envelope is fine, and only a small lock is needed per piece. Put hair from different individuals in different named envelopes to ensure it is added correctly. Please specify if you'd like them in a particular order. For beads, a length of 1 inch or more is great, for rings and pendants ½ inch or more is plenty. Please use a paper envelope, and not a plastic bag as the hair is difficult to remove from these.

Umbilical Cord

Umbilical cord should be thoroughly dry before posting. It can be sent in a plastic zip lock or breastmilk bag in a padded envelope along with any other inclusions. We will return any cord we don’t use, along with the clip, if still attached.

Cremation Ashes

Cremation ashes should be sent in a small well sealed plastic bag (a zip lock bag is ideal), inside another well sealed bag. Please only send one teaspoon full of ashes, and never send all that you have, in case they get lost in the post. They should go into a padded envelope and the whole thing sealed really well. Ensure you post them using special delivery, it is still not a guarantee against loss, but it is less likely to go missing.


Fresh flowers can be sent in a strong plastic box (a plastic takeaway box is ideal). Place flower heads, petals and leaves to be included in the box together with some damp kitchen roll or cotton wool. Secure the box well and send in a padded envelope or padded cardboard box. Please use first class post and avoid posting at a weekend so they arrive as quickly as possible. It is sometimes possible to use good condition dried flowers but please discuss this with us first.


Turnaround times depend on current volumes of orders, and we work on pieces in order of arrival, but some things are more complex to make, so will take longer. Pieces can take up to sixteen weeks to make, but we'll keep you informed along the way.

You'll receive an email when your inclusions are received, when your order is being worked on and finally when your has been shipped. If there's any delays during the process, we'll let you know. If you'd like to check the status of your order yourself, you can do so here.

We usually log inclusions once weekly, which means we send out notifications the weekend following you posting. This helps us reduce administration time, as well as organise our workload into weekly batches. If you haven't received an email within seven days of posting your inclusion, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.