Decorative Elements

What are decorative elements?

Decorative elements are all the pretty things we can add to your piece to style it perfectly for you. In this page we will explain all the different options available. You can find lots of photos of finished pieces on our inspiration page. Below you will find explanations of our available options, along with photos where possible. Remember, these photos are for demonstration purposes only - you can be creative when choosing your colours and elements to create a combination that's perfect for you.

Clear Resin

Breastmilk can be set in clear resin, with no added colours or lustres. You can see the difference between a plain breastmilk ring and one with lustre added here:




Lustre is a shimmery powder we add to resin to create a sparkly finish. It comes in various colours, with pearl lustre being the most popular (pearly white). Lustre is totally opaque and can be mixed with breastmilk. Other inclusions are best set on top of lustre to ensure a clear view.

Our standard lustre colours are shown below


01 Pearl 02 Silver 03 Pewter
04 Apple Gold 05 Green 06 Turquoise
07 Yellow 08 Orange 09 Red
10 Soft Gold 11 Bronze 12 Copper
13 Pale Blue 14 Mid Blue 15 Royal Blue
16 Pale Pink 17 Coral Pink 18 Hot Pink
19 Amethyst 20 Cadbury Purple 21 Lilac

 You can see the shimmery texture of lustre below. It's even more beautiful in person!

Flash Lustre

Flash lustre is a shimmery powder we add to resin to create a sparkly finish. It can be a white or black base with flashes of colour in either blue, red, violet, gold or fire (orange toned red) when your pendant catches the light.

Left to right, top row - white without flash showing, white-violet, white-red, white-blue, white-fire, white-gold

Left to right, bottom row - black without flash showing, black-violet, black-red, black-blue, black-fire, black-gold


Opal effect

Designed to mimic the colour flashes of opal, in blues, greens and golds, our opal effect is created using tiny fibres, and works particularly well with breastmilk or hair inclusions. It comes in original which is blue/green toned, light which has a whiter base and dark which has a deep base.

Left to right - Light opal, original opal, dark opal


Flakes can be added to almost any piece and come in copper, silver, gold and rainbow effect. They are best added on top of lustre or can be mixed with resin for depth. See below for examples.



Glitter only works with bezel jewellery, such as rings and flat pendants. Laser glitter has a beautiful rainbow effect, but we can also use gold glitter if preferred. Other colours may be able to be sourced for a commissioned piece.

Resin Shapes

We can add resin hearts, stars, butterflies and dragonflies to some pieces and these come in sets of up to three, depending on the stone size. Hearts and stars can be made from any of our standard lustres.

Dragonflies are 12-16mm in size and have iridescent wings. The body can be any of our standard lustres. They can contain the breastmilk or ashes if the inclusion is added, but you'll need to let us know this at checkout.

Butterflies are 5-8mm in size and have an iridescent finish. The body is black and the wings can be any of our standard lustres. The butterfly size and shape will be selected based on whichever works best aesthetically in the piece you have chosen. Butterflies can contain the breastmilk or ashes if the inclusion is added, but you'll need to let us know this at checkout.

Breastmilk Roses

We can add breastmilk roses to your charm bead. These are white and come in a set of six. You can choose from any of our standard lustre colours for the background. We can make coloured breastmilk roses for commissioned pieces.

Lustre Core

We can make a bead with a lustre core. This involves making a coloured core with lustre and surrounding it in clear resin. The core can contain breastmilk. In the outer clear layers, we can add additional inclusions or resin shapes such as hearts, stars or butterflies. We can make a commissioned piece using multiple lustre colours in the core.

Here you can see a core bead on the left, compared with a coloured lustre bead (pearl) on the right:

Special Commissioned Pieces

We have an extensive range of options available as standard to customise your Milk Diamond. These have been carefully selected to minimise our turnaround time whilst giving our customers the freedom to be creative and choose a piece that reflects their personality.

We love to make wonderfully unique jewellery. If you have an idea for a commission piece that you don't see available in our standard options, please contact us here or message us via Facebook. Custom commissions require a design consultation, of which we release a small number each week. You can read more here.

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