Turnaround & upcoming work

Our current turnaround on new orders is estimated at 16 weeks

We work on all orders in batches, in order of arrival of inclusions. We aim to complete each batch within 1-2 weeks where possible. We will always try to give an accurate estimate of when we'll complete your order when your inclusions are received and logged. Sometimes we can be temporarily running behind schedule, therefore this page is intended to help you work out when we intend to reach your order. If you'd like a personal update you can always contact us through email, Facebook or using Live Chat.

Upcoming work schedule

We are currently working on inclusions received 24 September

Our upcoming batches are as follows

Inclusions received:

  1. 2 October - 9 October
  2. 16 October - 26 October
  3. 26 October - 2 November
  4. 9 November - 17 November
  5. 17 November - 24 November
  6. 2 December - 11 December
  7. 11 December - 21 December
  8. 31 December - 8 January
  9. 15 January

As always, as soon as we reach your order we'll email you to let you know, and again once it's posted. If there's any delay to the expected 1-2 week completion time, we'll also let you know. 

Last updated 20 Jan 2020