Hi, I’m Tanya, the owner and designer/maker at Milk Diamonds. I’m married and live in Somerset with my husband, three sons, two step children, a dog, a cat and a rabbit! Let’s just say it’s busy at home!

After a long career in Mental Health support, I finally took the plunge after having my third and final son at the age of 42, to leave this work behind and follow my passion.

I’ve been producing silver jewellery for the past 10 years, mostly as a hobby, and in recent years as a small business, producing bespoke pieces and working in silver and resin combined with shells and sand.

I started Milk Diamonds after chatting with friends from a Facebook antenatal group about milk jewellery. As someone with a background in working with resin and silver, and especially as someone who loves the sentiment we attach to jewellery, it was a pretty natural fit!

After quite a period of research (and still continuing) I started producing jewellery for them using their own breastmilk and their children's hair in October 2015. They were brilliant at road testing my jewellery and naturally promoting it to their friends. By November I was making my first pieces for members of the public, incorporating ashes, flowers, fabric, cord flakes etc as the requests came in. Since then I have worked full time to build, grow, learn, develop and make Milk Diamonds pieces.

I’m so proud of all our achievements, we create something special every day. Our love for our work means that we take time to get every creation just right. We make pieces that are truly bespoke that are crafted using the best materials and produced to a high finish.

The Milk Diamonds team is small, dedicated and committed, and that is a great thing. We’re also all from the original antenatal group, which just goes to show how great online friendships can be!