Hand cast rainbow pendant

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Image shown is a teardrop pendant. Whilst we build up our portfolio of photos, please ensure you select the correct pendant from the list. You can view the different pendants here.

Celebrate your memories with our special edition rainbow pendants! Available in almost all of our hand cast pendants and in bright or pastel. These pendants have an equal value to custom commission pendants but are listed separately as they are so popular.

Lustre colours used

Bright Pastel
Pale orange
Pale yellow
Mint green
Pale blue

Rainbow lustre will be created using a blend of the colours above. Resin shapes will be white and can contain breastmilk or be pure resin. Other colour blends or coloured shapes are available as a custom commission. Please note, the rainbow lustre is created by hand meaning there may be slight variations in the formation and blend of the colours.

Once you've placed your order, you'll receive a confirmation email which has full instructions on how to send us your inclusions. You can also view that information here.

To order, just follow the instructions below 



Then, select your inclusions. You may select multiple inclusions, of which some may be discounted. If you don't see the combination you require, please contact us for assistance. Commissioned pieces with multiple inclusions are available.

Then, select your rainbow style and any additional decorations. You can let us know at checkout if you'd like resin shapes to be made from the breastmilk (ensure you select breastmilk as the inclusion). If you don't see the combination you require, please contact us to discuss a custom commission.

*Picture for illustration purposes only. Chains sold separately here.