Classic band 1.5mm round wire sterling silver

Classic band 1.5mm round wire sterling silver

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Our 1.5mm band is our most popular ring band. It's dainty, yet sturdy and looks great with any of our stone sizes. It stacks beautifully with most of our bands. It's made with sterling silver to your UK ring size - we even do half sizes! Choose from a round or oval bezel.

Once you've placed your order, you'll receive a confirmation email which has full instructions on how to send us your inclusions. You can also view that information here.

To order, just follow the instructions below



Then, select your UK ring size. For rings with multiple stones, please contact us to discuss a commissioned piece

Please note, resin is heat sensitive meaning rings cannot be resized. Please ensure you have been measured recently and accurately before ordering. We cannot be held responsible if your ring does not fit.

Next, select your inclusions. You may select multiple inclusions, of which some may be discounted. If you don't see the combination you require, please contact us for assistance. Commissioned pieces with multiple inclusions are available.

Finally, select your decorations. You may add multiple decorations, but please consider your stone size and inclusions and adjust accordingly for the best result. If unsure, please contact us before placing your order.

Below is a basic description of the options available. Please see our decorative elements page for more information.

Clear resin - Set your inclusion in clear resin, without colour. This works particularly well for flowers, as they do all the talking! 

Lustre - lustre comes in a range of colours. Lustre is shimmery and opaque. The colours above are for representation only. To see photos of the actual colour please see our decorative elements page.

Flakes - flakes are available in silver, gold, copper and rainbow. These are set in the final layer of the piece, so can be used in conjunction with other decorations.

Glitter - as above can be used in conjunction with other decorations. Available in gold and laser (multicoloured)

Opal effect - Designed to mimic the colour flashes of opal, in blues, greens and golds, our opal effect is created using tiny fibres, and works particularly well with breastmilk or hair inclusions.

Resin shapes - we can add hearts or stars to your piece in red, white, gold or silver. If you'd like more than three, or a combination of shapes, please contact us for a custom quote. Consider the size of your bezel when including resin shapes. Please state number of shapes/arrangement at checkout.

You can find photographs of finished pieces for inspiration here and detailed explanation of the decorative elements here.