Moving studios!


Thank you so much everyone for your patience and understanding. Tanya is settled into the new studio and beavering away. We're getting closer to our standard ten week turnaround, though we're not quite there yet.

We've continued to set all new orders with a standard ten week turnaround, but please be aware if you have ordered recently, your order may still take up to twelve.

As always, we will email as soon as we begin work on your order, and again when we ship it.


UPDATE 23 FEB 2018

We're in! We are finally moved into a lovely, warm and dry studio, and what a couple of weeks it's been. Tanya is now able to get to work on delayed orders and will be putting in lots of long hours to try to catch up.

We've just sent emails to the first batch of orders that we've begun in the new studio. If that's yours - we hope it'll be with you really soon!

Thank you again to everyone for your patience during this trying time. We hope it won't take us too long to catch up and have pieces arrive on time again.



Unfortunately, the new studio we recently moved into hasn't worked out quite as planned, and has become an unworkable environment which is too cold and damp to work with resin. Such a shame as it is such a lovely space in so many ways, and it's been a hard decision to decide to leave!

So, instead of trying to flog this poor old horse, we're moving to a new studio very very soon so I can get back into making again in a safe, dry and warm space. This means I will be packing this week, during half term, and should be unpacking in the new studio next week, to get back to work as quickly as possible!

Eventually, it will mean good things for customers as well as me, but for those of you expecting to receive pieces soon, there will unavoidably be a delay while this happens. At the moment we expect this delay to be around two additional weeks. This applies to current and new orders, until further notice.

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Big big apologies all round, and thank you in advance!