Important Information

I have some upsetting news to share with you. My youngest son, three year old Bertie, has been ill for a few weeks. On Wednesday 7th November we were admitted to hospital and he was diagnosed with leukaemia. Since his diagnosis we have been admitted to Bristol Children’s Hospital and have started chemotherapy. Everything is moving at a whirlwind pace and yet this is a long haul and unpredictable process.

Obviously we're completely distraught and overwhelmed but at the moment the only thing we can do is take things a day at a time. Staying strong and making sure we are here for Bertie is our priority. They tell us that Bertie's prognosis is good, and thank goodness for the NHS, who have scooped us up and are taking care of us wonderfully. We are a ball of devastation and stress and they are being so amazing with us. 

All of this means that I will be away from the studio for some time. I am still the sole maker here at Milk Diamonds, so there isn’t anyone available to pick up this work. This means that all previous timescales are going to have to change, and there will be some significant delays. We have contacted all affected customers by email.

We expect to return to some form of normality in the future, so will continue to accept new orders with extended timescales. We may need to limit the number of orders we accept per month. Unfortunately, we’re not in a position to guarantee any timescales at present. What we can guarantee, is that you will be kept up to date with your order’s progress, and when it is produced, it will be made with the love and time that it deserves. 

Inclusions can continue to be sent, although there will be delay with logging these. They will be safe and stored appropriately. 

If you have any questions about an existing or new order, my admin assistant, Laura, will be happy to help. 

Thank you for your continued support, particularly over the difficult weeks to come.