Covid-19 Pandemic

Update 9 June 2020

Hello! We have finally made steps to return to some form of normality. Tanya has been able to return to the studio recently and is working extremely hard to complete the orders placed pre lockdown. As of this week, we are beginning work on inclusions that arrived with us late November. We'd like to thank those of you waiting for orders for your continued patience and understanding. It's truly appreciated.

We are still closed for new orders at the moment, but we anticipate opening again fairly soon. We really want to get our turnaround down to a more comfortable level before we do. Not only does this mean shorter wait times for you, but we hope it will allow Tanya to have a positive work/life balance, something that she's been yet to achieve since the birth of Milk Diamonds. 

Once again, thank you all so much for your understanding. Stay safe. x

22 March 2020

Oh goodness. It’s happened. New guidance takes effect tomorrow for people considered “extremely vulnerable”. Bertie is one of these. He has to be shielded from the outside world for the next 12 weeks, and as he can’t possibly stay 2 metres away from us, the whole household will have to join him. We will be at home for the next 12 weeks, unable to leave to go to shops or work or even take the dogs for a walk.

It will be impossible for me to work from home during this time, home is too hectic, and my boys will need me to be a mum. So with a heavy heavy heart I’m using today to finish off at the studio before packing up and leaving.

All orders will go on hold, and we will close our books to new orders. If any inclusions arrive I will safely store them, but if you are able to hold off sending them it will help.

I’m so so sorry that I’m having to do this. It’s going to be an incredibly difficult time for us all, and I wish I’d been able to carry on for longer.

Big love to all ❤️🌈

So what does this mean?

To clarify, this means that any orders currently outstanding are now on hold indefinitely. If you recently received an email to say your order is in production, this still stands and your piece will be delivered as soon as we are able to have them taken to the post office.

As soon as Tanya is able to return to the studio, she will begin to work on pieces in order of arrival as normal. We will continue to let you know as and when we are working on your piece and also when we ship it. We will update our page here and also post regular updates on our Facebook page. We will also send out a mass email informing you of our reopening. 

On Tanya's return to the studio, the next workload will be inclusions received 7th November 2019. If you would like an update as to your position in the production queue, please get in touch.

Please do not send inclusions for orders placed. We will let you know when we reopen and it's appropriate to send inclusions again. Breastmilk for jewellery can be safely stored in the freezer indefinitely. If you do not have adequate facilities to store inclusions safely, please send them to us ASAP. These will be stored but not logged until we return to the studio.

Finally, we have closed the website to new orders in order to prevent an even longer turnaround on our return. We hope you'll continue to support Milk Diamonds when we do reopen.

Electronic gift vouchers can continue to be purchased, and these will now be valid for a period of 12 months. Any outstanding vouchers will be extended to enable their use once we reopen.

If you have any questions at all about either an existing or new order, please do get in touch.

Once again, thank you for your understanding and support. It really does mean a lot in these uncertain times.